the map of the soul

Map of the
Soul’s evolution

When we are born and take our first breath, the pattern of the planets (birth chart) becomes imprinted into the unique template of our being. These imprints work as “filters” through which we experience the reality around and within us.

The alignment of the planets is not random. It is precisely determined as a result of the Soul’s karmic dispositions from previous lives. By reading this Universal language we can better understand our purpose in life and be navigated by our personal map of the Soul’s evolution.



Personal reading

Get your personal map of your Soul’s journey. Based on the Date, Time & Place of your birth, Ondra will generate and interpret your unique Natal Chart, that indicates yours gifts, talents, behevioral tendencies, hidden desires, and main life lessons and directions.

Each Planet (teacher), with its placement in Signs (quality) and Houses (areas of life), teaches us different lessons. As these Planets revolve around us they form different alignments with our “Birth Planets”. This mutual positioning (aspect) can be harmonic (opportunities) or disharmonic (challenges).

Astrology reveals the will of the gods.



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