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What is Qigong

Qigong is a moving meditation practice designed to cultivate Qi (life force energy) for self-healing, vitality, mental focus and spiritual awareness. By slow, relaxed and rhythmic movement, together with deep breathing, we allow Qi to regulate and balance our system from the inside.

With Qigong we connect ourselves with the inherent wisdom of our being that has the ultimate potential to heal us on all levels – Body (Jing), Heart-Mind (Xin) and Spirit (Shen).

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What students say

“I was fortunate to have met Ondra at Yoga Barn, Ubud in December 2020 when the vibe was melancholy due to the pandemic. We chatted about my meditation experiences and our spiritual journeys. Because of Ondra’s gentle, authentic and nurturing energy! ✨ Instantly, I felt better as I felt like I could freely entrust in him. He regularly teaches Qi Gong classes at Yoga Barn with his mentor Adolf Brown, where I volunteered for their kinesiology sessions. They accurately pinpointed and diagnosed my problem spot! It’s there I found out that Ondra’s also an empath – he could feel you from a distance! Amazing! I recommend Ondra for any forms of spiritual healing :)”

Florence Wong

Nature does not hurry
yet everything is accomplished.

– Lao Tzu



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