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Ondra’s approach

The session with Ondra merges healing arts of Craniosacral therapy, Qi massage, Applied Kinesiology, Shamanism and Medical Qigong.

Throughout the session, people experience a state of deep yet conscious meditation where the self-healing mechanisms of the body become awakened. In this state, trauma, stress, pain and unpleasant emotions that are normally held in the fascial structures start being released from the body, which brings the therapy a beautiful feeling of rejuvenation, lightness, clarity, and inner peace. 

Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle, yet powerful healing modality that through light touch focuses on the movement of so-called “liquid light” circulating between the cranium and the sacrum. This sacred fluid is directly connected to the Divine intelligence of the body that has the potential to reorganize the body structure according to its’ perfect “original design”. By tapping into deep tides and rhythms of “The Breath of Life” we invite this inherent wisdom to be manifested in the client’s physical body.

Can help with

– chronic pain

– emotional holding patterns

– tension/stress

– head/neck/back aches

– chronic fatigue

– insomnia

– digestion

Qi massage & reflexology

Qi Massage is an ancient healing technique, incorporated into the wisdom of Chinese Medicine. It focuses on acupressure points and meridian alignment, helping to bring healing energy to the stagnant areas and thus harmonizing the whole system. It deeply relaxes the body, yet simultaneously has a capacity of activating the chi flow in such a powerful way that the body rediscovers how to heal itself.

Can help with

– opening energy channels 

– balancing the nervous system 

– regulating organ functions

– dissolving energy blockages 

– restoring vitality

– decreasing stress level

– reducing excessive thinking

– postural realignment

– grounding/spiritual connection 

Applied kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a diagnostic system that evaluates structural, biochemical, and energetical aspects of health by using muscle testing. By asking directly the body’s intelligence we can find the root causes of clients’ conditions which helps the practitioner to choose the most suitable healing modality and focus on the real source of imbalance.

Can reveal

– cause for musculoskeletal pain

– digestive imbalances

– structural blockages

– emotional and spiritual blockages

– internal organ stress

– meridian system imbalance

– hidden food allergies

– nutritional deficiencies

What clients say?

“Ondras energy and cranio sacral ceremony with me today was incredibly beautiful, he is the very essence of calm. He carries a lightness and a caring stillness about him, he’s a very intuitive and skilled energy worker. I experienced deep, deep relaxation, waves of energy through my body, going right through my knees which needed attention. And I definitely felt spiritual guidance and help in the room. A serene and healing experience, thank you Ondra”

Lynette Allen

medicine woman

“Energy work is subtle as well as powerful and it’s this dynamic that best describes my experience with Ondra. He is a powerful healer with a depth of presence that transcends the layers of dissonance in your being and restores harmony with ease. As the sessions progressed, his intuitively wise guidance helped me find a coherent path to relief. I will be forever grateful for the healing love he generously shared through his craneo sacral therapy and will always cherish the deep states of consciousness he helped me reach.”

Melissa Om

Senior Video Production Consultant & Coach

the wound is the place where the light gets in.

– Rumí



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